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Discussion about therapeutic energy through various forms of verbal/nonverbal communication

by Dr. Art Robbins
Sunday March 8, 2018

Post Note by Dr Robbins:

“Some of the most important material often occurs after the formal presentation. In this instance, the participant who played out my therapist shared with me that Benedikta, a supervisee of mine for over 25 years, was her supervisor. Benedicta shared with the present participant, in glowing terms, her relationship to me. I had attempted to demonstrate to the audience through role playing the impact of an attacking critical patient. Benedicta’s presence superseded all this and explained why the role playing therapist felt so benign and accepting. In the meantime one woman came up and told me that her father had composed Tubby The Tuba that was discussed during the experiential and that she was also pregnant. Another woman who was in the audience, who was also a former supervisee, wondered if my slip around pregnancy related to her. All this material, under different circumstances, could be a beginning process to explore the non verbal presence that underlined the more formal content of the discussion.”

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