Institute For Expressive Analysis

The Institute for Expressive Analysis (IEA) is a New York State License qualifying program that offers training in psychoanalysis. IEA places a particular emphasis on the integration of scientific-theory based aspects of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with the creative process of doing sound clinical work. The curriculum provides a diversity of theoretical approaches including Object Relations, Self Psychology, Relational Psychoanalysis, Jungian, and Contemporary Freudian theory. Training focuses on both verbal and nonverbal aspects of treatment and is applicable for both private practice and institutional settings.

The Institute for Expressive Analysis also has a consultation center which provides the New York City community with referrals for low fee expressive therapy and traditional psychotherapy/psychoanalysis.

Our program promotes the development of therapeutic artistry by providing a solid clinical base along with exposure to creative currents in contemporary psychoanalysis. We offer a personal, intimate training atmosphere based on the belief that every analyst must find her/his own therapeutic metaphor, style, and ways of integrating the many dimensions of training. Central to this integration is developing a deep understanding of one’s own subjectivity and patient-analyst co-created dynamics related to the transference-countertransference; the heart of psychoanalytic treatment.

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